08 January 2011

Lat tali lat tam pom

LAT TALI LAT TAM POM.  (Local version of the universal "Eeny, meeny, miny, moe")

I heard this on the radio recently.  Apparently, it's an "Old Town White Coffee" jingle.

I always thought it was "Lat Tali Lat Tam Pong".

I think there are many variations of this.  Depending on which state you are from.

My son says it's "Lat Tali Lat Tali Tam Plom".

His friend from Sabah says it's "Lai Lai Lee Lai Tam Plong".

Stephen says it's "Oh Bay Sohm".  *giggles*

I remember that, in my family, we used to have this extended one but I don't know where we got it from.

It goes like this

Lat Tali Lat Tam pong
Balik Kampong
Makan Kangkong
Masak Ikan Kembong
Beranak Dalam Tong
Keluar Anak Patong

Ahhhhhhh!  Childhood innocence.  Those were the days.

It looks like I wasn't the only one reminiscing.  Googled it and stumbled upon these fellow bloggers.
Sid who has it in his header
and there are more....

(pic taken from here. Requested permission but no reply yet, so I'll remove it if I'm told).


Pat said...

I remember this one - and I think my version is the one in your title. I know that even among my small bunch of friends, we had different versions, though.

I always wondered what it meant, and now I'm guessing it meant nothing, just sounds to indicate a count-you-out!

Nice one :)

Shakun said...

I remember this:

Lai lai lee lai tam plom
Apek beh apom (Apek buys apom)
Apom tim lo hai (Apom falls down or something..)
Apek chiak kausai (Apek eats shit)

STEEST said...

Pat, I guess it just added a bit of "oomph" to the fun. I remember feeling worried when I played it. I was so scared of being dropped out. hahahaha. Thankfully, I got over those childish fears!

Shakun, Gosh! That's so funny! I can't imagine saying "Lai lai lee lai tam plom". It sounds so "yucky" to me. Like a song out of tune. LOL. Thanks for sharing it. :D

Oldstock said...

Mine was the `oh bay sohm'... goodness, does it really has a meaning?

STEEST said...


I think "oh bay sohm" is for when you show either (1) scissors (2) rock or (3) bird.

It's so nice to think of my childhood days.

I grew up in the Tiong Nam area. Later we moved to Setapak Gardens and that was the time of roaming the housing and rubber estates. I am thankful for that chance to run wild and free because later we moved to the city.

Hope all is well with you! :D