14 January 2011

Of breasts and necks!

As women age, the parts that seem to noticeably show signs of wear and tear are the breasts and/or neck!  This is based on my observation of other women and my personal opinion.

Hence, not being well endowed is an advantage, as one grows older.  Since gravity and fatty tissues combine, it's impossible to prevent sagging.  Unless, of course, you get a boob job done!  

If your neck begins to show the creases of time, some delay could be derived from applying creams or lotions but, ultimately, you can't hide those lines.  

However, if you have a short neck, then you could consider yourself lucky!  Hah!  It would be impossible to see the lines, if any. 

I’m not opposed to postponing the aging process by natural means.  Nevertheless, I do not consider it the most important activity in my life.

I believe in aging gracefully.  My stretch marks and wrinkles bear tribute to the life I have led.

Many are going to nod their heads when they see this last one!  Yup, I know!

(all pics from photobucket)


Stephen Felix Grosse said...

Hahahaha. I read your post with so many people in mind. Hahahahahahaha. Good on you baby.

Oldstock said...


Talking about the upper part of the body brings to mind a question that one of my other blogger-friends posed a while back... why do they call it chicken breast? It's not like the chickens have any mammary glands, right?

Pat said...

Oh don't remind me about this, Lita!!! Hahahahah!!! Everything's flying south for the winter!

STEEST said...

SFG, I'm sure of it. Let's compare notes later. hahahaha

Pat, I only have my neck to worry about. For now, at least! LOL

STEEST said...

Oldstock, You got me there! Could it be where it's located? Plus, it's the meaty part of the chicken too!

*throws hands in air* I give up! LOL

joedrifter said...


STEEST said...

Joedrifter, What a nice surprise! ;)