22 January 2011

Of Comfort and Being Comfortable

What does comfort mean to you?  For some, it's having an eight bedroom mansion and a huge yard.  For another, it's a posh penthouse with marble flooring and a spectacular view of the city.  Yet, for many it is just  having a bed to rest their tired body after a hard day's work.  

Lately I've come to realise what comfort really means to me.  Of course, it's having a roof over my head and a nice bed to sleep on but it's so much more.  

For me, it's being with Stephen and Jared.  They are my comfort.  

Stephen and I always have fun together.  He's a barrel of laughs and jokes. However, the bonus for us is when Jared joins us.  We slept late on Thursday night.  So we spent Friday morning sleeping in till almost lunch time.  Then we went for an early Chilli Pan Mee.  We are crazy for it now.  It's our second time there but it won't be the last.

From there we went to Empire in Subang Jaya for a giant cookie, a cookie monster cupcake and coffee.  

We were missing someone!

And, of course, my two heroes had to test the World's Tallest Indoor Tube Slide
(pic from here)

 Missed Jared zooming out.

But I caught Stephen!

More photos taken with my Blackberry.

Empire Subang prepares for the Rabbit year

When we got home, we were all tired and we each found our chair to lepak the evening away.  Watching Jared on my left with his laptop and chatting with his girlfriend and then looking across on my right and seeing Stephen in the single Lazy Boy Chair, reclined and nodding off, half listening to the TV, Jared and to me, I can see he's so comfortable.  He's in his comfort zone.  

Here's an older picture of him, on the double chair, with his titbits.

Sitting between them is my definition of comfort and being comfortable.  Nothing else comes close.


Stephen Felix Grosse said...

I always enjoy the company of my loved ones (You and Jared) and of course the comfort of our home in KL as well. Always.

And with our latest addition, Gwen Girl from BKI. Life is so wonderful and comfortable.

STEEST said...

One in Singapore, one in Penang, One in Kuala Lumpur and another in Kota Kinabalu!

So glad for the Blackberry to keep us all connected.

Gwen Yong said...

No matter how far away,comfort is as long as we have each other in each other's heart =)

Glad to be the latest addition to two in KL and one in SG! =)

xoxo from the land below the wind~

Pat said...

Lovely post, Lita. I so get what you're saying here. It isn't about what and where. It's about who.

STEEST said...

Gwen, Welcome aboard! :D

STEEST said...

Pat, You sure we don't have the same parents!!!!! :D

Shakun said...

And yet ppl need material stuff to feel good!! Many ppl can't understand how I can just stay home and do nothing. To them, spending time with family, relaxing at home...are what old people do!! I say..nonsense!

STEEST said...


I get what you are saying. So this one's for you, Love!


patrickteoh said...

Wow! I didn't know that Empire had thrill rides! I must bring the kids soon. I love thrill rides. Was a former card-carrying member of the International RollerCoaster Society!

I saw your comment about Teohlogy on BookXcess FB page. Thank you so much for your support.

STEEST said...

Hi Patrick

What a totally unexpected and lovely surprise!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There I was, in two minds, about whether to "like" your FB page and then you found my comment on the BookXcess page and follow up with this kind comment here. What a nice guy you are!

By the way, Teohlogy rocks and it's a great gift to Malaysia.