02 June 2011

You can call me, Datin!

Hah!!!  No matter how many times I think I won't be surprised, I surprise myself when I am.

No, Stephen hasn't received any Datukship for me to inherit the Datin title.  Stay with me here.

For some time now, I have observed that people love it when you call them "Datuk" or "Datin".  It has become an invisible but immediate elevation of their self-esteem.  I wonder if it's because they had a low self-esteem to start with. 

Anyway, this reminds me of two stories:-

Recently, I heard that a non-Malaysian couple had dinner with a Malaysian couple.  After introductions, the nice non-Malaysian lady leaned to the Malaysian lady and said, "No need to call me Mrs Doe, I'm Jane to everyone". To this, the Malaysian lady sweetly replied, "and you can call me, Datin".  Go figure that out!

Another story, which I also heard, is about a Malaysian Delegation that went to Peru in 1996.  There was an announcement, upon their arrival at the airport.  On the PA system, they were paging for a Mr Tan!  "Mr Tan, please go to information counter.   Mr Tan!  Mr Tan!"  No one responded because the Mr Tan, they were referring to, was a Tan Sri so and so.  Go figure, again!

If you are my friend, you'll be the same friend to me, with or without your Tan Sri/Puan Sri/Datuk/Datin title.  So if you are one of those people who insist on being known by your title, I have this to say to you

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EEJ said...

Lita nechan

I love your blog & so agree with what you've written. Well, just to let you know, I love you for who you are & you being yourself (*^3(*^0^*) *muaks*. I also believed all the people that love you will agree with me.

Yes, those people who insist their friends/others to address them according to their title/status are NOT TRUE friends at all!! Indeed, we can just tell them straight to their face "WHATEVER~, period!!" without any hesitation.

Fyi, this is my very first time leaving a message on a blog. Don't even know how to go about it. Malu saje but still want to let you know lah, hehehe... Well, I'm not very good in expressing myself with words (I think I've mentioned this to you before). Gomenasai, ne m(_)m *bowing head*

LC Teh said...

At the factory where I once worked, the guard used to call me 'datuk'. My response was, 'Ya, cucu!'... He laughed. He never addressed me that way again.

Johan T Harris said...

A good read. I don't do honorifics. One funny thing I learned. If you don't "Datin" a Datin in Malaysia, they get insulted but if you don't Datin them in Shanghai or Los Angeles they'd be all smiles. :D


the final word says it all!!!! ;)'

Pat said...

Two LOL stories there, Lita! Good job!

I know someone who's grandkids call her 'Datin'. Instead of the beautiful 'granny' or 'grandma', she's opted for a title? You are right: go figure! And 'whatever'!!! Hahahahah!!

Small Kucing said...

Ya agree with you...whatever...title is just a title

STEEST said...

EEJ Imouto,

You did a great job finding the way to leave your comment. It's such a sweet and loving one. I really felt so happy when I read it.

Thank you for taking the trouble to send me a comment. I truly appreciate it.

When you are in the mood, do it again okay.

With love

STEEST said...


That is quite a funny one. I suppose that I will use this anecdote in my conversations one day. Thank you for that.


STEEST said...

Datuk Johan,

I think that is a funny one. However, having thought about it, I guess it's their double standards. How they behave in Malaysia and when they are overseas is a very interesting topic!!!

Well, I got that off my chest.


STEEST said...

Mel Functioning,

That word works wonders when others don't.


STEEST said...


This was a long time coming. I'd been thinking of what to write when something jogged my memory.

I'm glad you liked the 2 stories. They're real events.

Hugs! :D

STEEST said...

Small Kucing,

It is, isn't it? I just don't get why it's such a big deal.

Come visit again.


Oldstock said...

If I ever get that Datuk title, please do not stop calling me Oldstock. And smack me in the face if I insist otherwise, hehehe...

joshua said...

I certainly do not want to be called 'Datuk'.

Why 'Datuk' when I'm years away from being a grandfather! 8D

Antares said...

My friend Joe Kidd - de facto Godfather of Malaysia's underground movement with his pioneering efforts to coordinate punk/trash bands and indie magazine producers - has a habit of addressing everybody as Boss. I liked the idea so much I started doing it a few years ago. Works wonders. Everybody likes being called Boss! :-)

STEEST said...


I am sure that now you are in the antique stage. Valuable, irreplaceable and in demand.

Thank you for the permission to smack you if you insist otherwise. That made me smile. I don't know why. :D

STEEST said...


When Stephen becomes a "datuk" in the best sense of the word, I shall become a "nenek".

Somehow that makes me cringe a little. I shan't allow my grandchildren to call me that. hahahaha.


STEEST said...


Yes, I like using that word too. In fact, sometimes I even call Stephen that and I find that he finds it funny but he loves it.