30 June 2011

You cannot and you should not

You cannot and you should not tell me who I am.

You cannot and you should not tell me what to wear.

You cannot and you should not tell me where to go.

You cannot and you should not tell me when to speak.

You cannot and you should not tell me how to feel

you can and you should tell me why you are afraid of  who I am, what I wear, where I go, how I feel,  and when I speak.

You know who you are.

(pic from "positive thoughts")


Antares said...

Listen to Lita, you Cowheaded Cretin of a homo minister!

zewt said...

were you the one in I love KK tee at Hong Lim Park just now?

STEEST said...

:-). Why you didn't say hello?

zewt said...

You certainly looked very familiar but I couldn't recollect it from my memory... by the time i could, you were gone.

i was sitting with the group where the young lady asked you where you were from. I didn't know them, but that day, everyone was malaysian.

STEEST said...

Oh Antares,

I wasn't going to publish your comment but after Saturday, I decided to go ahead. :)


STEEST said...


Your honesty astounds. Truth be told, I didn't recognise you either. I was looking around for a familiar face but none were found.

It was a strange feeling, though, to be among Malaysians on Singapore soil.

I asked one of the guys to organise a group picture at about 3 pm but he shrugged it off. I left at 3.30 pm and I see that they took one later. :( Pity I missed it.

Anyway, I did what I intended to do. Check out the pics I took in the next blog post, if you haven't already.


Donplaypuks® said...

Short and Sweet. To the point. Simple and elegant.

Let them answer, if they dare and can.

we are all of 1 Race, the Human Race

STEEST said...


Thanks for coming by. :)