19 October 2008

Candlelight Vigil Take 2

I was away for the weekend and arrived back to KL just in time for the vigil.

The sense of unity is still strong. The people were enthusiastic and cheerful. I only stayed for an hour and sadly, did not get to meet some new found friends. Maybe next time!

However, it was a nice feeling to return home and immediately join other caring Malaysians who believe that the I.S.A. has to go.

Here are some photos that, I believe, captured the spirit of muhibbah:

Guess who we saw there?
Yep! It's Rev. Fr. O. C. Lim of SFX Church

The spirit of Muhibbah!

People from all walks of life!

Pretty girl with a purple balloon!

Tired after a 5-hour journey home but, certainly, happy!

This post is dedicated to Wilfredo Andre Gayandato.



You've got the dedication, energy and spirit. After a long 5 hour trip home, you get off the bus and join your fellow Malaysians. Well done.

Jarod said...

HEY! Now, You are the most efficient ones.. haha... well, in spite of returning from outstation just a few hours ago, u still went for the vigil and blog about it... That's fast!

Thanks for the comment. Sadly, i cant attend next week. will be away. Light another candle for me will you ? :)

Yes, indeed muhibah. Blessed to have such a wonderful day in Malaysia.

Siedne said...

wow, so quick! beat me to it :p

Anonymous said...

Hi Lita

Great pics and your son looks a lot like you. Hope to see you there next week if I can find the place.

Take care.

Blessings to you and yours..

Antares said...

Bravo, Lita! Had planned to be there but yesterday was the 2nd anniversary of Altantuya's brutal murder and I decided to stay home and honor her last moments on earth. Her death, after all, encapsulated everything that is screwed up and totally wrong in post-Mahathir Malaysia. Championing the unjust manner of her untimely departure is what got RPK in jail, and we have to keep her memory alive in our hearts lest we forget "the banality of evil" that manifests at every corporate board meeting and every time Umno assembles.

TheWhisperer said...

Right click the burning candle on my blog and save the image to the computer.

Go to blogger dashboard and click Layout. Add page element. Then add picture. browse candle image from your computer and add.

That should do the trick.

Good luck.

steest said...

Stephen Felix Grosse: You are so full of praises. Thanks, Baby.

Jarod: I will light a candle for you and I'll add you to my blog roll too. :)

Siedne: Hmmmmm, you got me going on this blog thing, remember! hee hee

Masterwordsmith: Nice to hear from you. Hope to see you if I make it. Long weekend so I may be away. :(

Antares: Another missed opportunity to meet you "in the flesh" as you earlier said, but I totally understand your reason. What a steadfast friend you are to those you care for.

TheWhisperer: How to find you in a sea of faces? Patience is a virtue, right? Hope to meet you one day. Thanks for the tip, I'll see if I can make it work.

Surind Raj said...

Heyz gang. Hope to see u all this next Sunday & thanks for your reports & photos.

steest said...

Surind: I'm real glad to be of service. Was wondering what I could do and now I've found my niche. My small contribution to a worthy cause.


Anonymous said...

returning a visit, madam.... & also added your blog on my list..

spread the love...

Jarod said...

Thanks ~ Appreciate it. :)