09 October 2008

I’ve been sick!

I've been sick for the last three days and had plenty of hours to reflect on my family, my friends and even the acquaintances in my life. With so much free time on my hands, I found myself thinking of all the people who love me and all whom I love in return. I am fortunate that there are many.
With Stephen, I find people telling me that I am so lucky because they can see how much he loves me. In some way, I am humbled by his love. Some only find love once in their lives. Some never find it at all. Some believe that they have found love. I'm not one to boast but in my case, I honestly feel that I am blessed.
I can't complain about anything. It would be a sin for me to do so.
Despite having been under the weather and on medical leave for 2 days, I'm feeling great and I tell myself that God is telling me to slow down yet one more time.
So I'm walking slower, smiling more, sleeping longer and eating better. I haven’t had any coffee or tea since Sunday last. More importantly, I haven’t had any yearning for either. Already, I'm enjoying the benefits of all these changes.
Here’s a wonderful picture that I love looking at and can’t help smiling when I do. I wish I could give credit to the person who took it. If anyone does know, give a shout, okay!


Antares said...

It's a gem of a photo, Estrelita. And you sound like one passionate woman! These days I'm seeing you all over the blogosphere - you and I obviously have the luxury of staying online as long as we like, anytime of day or night... so I figured it's time to drop by your blog and kiss your virtual hand :-)

Surind Raj said...

Thanks & Happy blogging :) I'll be back as well...