06 October 2008

My Pride and Joy! (see comment on previous post)

Now how in the world did this happen! Isn’t it supposed to be the other way around? Aren’t the parents supposed to say this to their child?
I’m not complaining. I kind of like it that, in my child’s eye, I am his pride and joy.
Children teach us lots of stuff. They show us how to throw caution to the wind. They bring us down to earth by telling us we look fat when no one else would. They test our ability to sleep through the night when they are extremely late in coming home. They educate us on how to accept that they have to make their own mistakes. They train us to be tough when they want to go explore the world and leave home. They expose us to all the new technology of today. They keep us on our toes.
Despite and in spite of the ups and downs, the pulls and the pushes in a parent/child relationship, it’s rewarding to find out that you are your child’s pride and joy!

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Anonymous said...

Getting soft eh? So mushy mushy about your son! hahahahaha I am no better lahhhhhh. What? nothing interesting to write on your blog ah?
But you are right...kids like ours have no conscience about telling us how we look etc... At least lie a little and make us happy right?