06 February 2009

Anak Bangsa Malaysia - Markus Ng

(Markus, M F Yeong, Duke and me)

I didn't know Markus Ng.

This picture was taken on 25 January 2009. It was a random shot taken because we were together, immortalising a brief moment in time, when our paths crossed!

If this picture had not been taken, I might not have given his death a second thought. As it turned out, I did. So I went through his memorial site and later the other blogs that paid tribute to the fine gentle person that he was.

I attended the wake tonight. I didn't know him but I felt compelled to offer my condolences to the family, to sit briefly in silence and to mourn the loss of an excellent specimen of the human race.

I don't have to imagine the grief. I know it.

In his life, Markus had touched the lives of so many. In his death, he continues to reach out and be a testimony of what goodness is all about. Markus was a rare mixture of youth and maturity, with a short-lived but full life.

Was his death in vain? I don't believe so. I think it stopped many of us, in our tracks, and caused us to reflect on where we are in our lives. Reality can be so painful and yet we, sometimes, need it to jolt us back to being the best that we can be.

He described himself as an "anak bangsa Malaysia". From everything that he stood for, I think he epitomized those three words perfectly!

May his soul rest in eternal peace!


HH said...

Hi,,,I too did not know Markus Ng but when I read about his passing my thoughts turned towards the grief that his parents must have felt in trying to come to terms with life. One thing I know ...Markus Ng last conscious thoughts must have been of those that he loved even as he slips away from them. So young.....


Estrelita Soliano Grosse said...

HH: We lost a great Anak Bangsa Malaysia!

Sivin Kit said...

it was good to see you at the funeral. it was good to see some of the friends from the PJ vigil there.

My prayer is that more will join in the causes Markus was strongly convicted about.

Estrelita Soliano Grosse said...

Sivin: He was part of our vigil family.

I share your prayer that more will step up to the causes for a better Malaysia.

Patricia said...

May his soul rest in peace.


Anonymous said...

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