15 February 2009

PJ Vigil 07/2009 (19th) Dedicated & Complicated

The vigilers are dedicated and the situation is complicated!

Tonight's vigil saw the dedicated Anak Bangsa Malaysia meeting again, to lend support to the anti-I.S.A. cause but having to abandon the idea of gathering at the tarmac of MBPJ.

Tonight's vigil saw the complicated situation that the Anak Bangsa Malaysia faces without any support from the pertinent authorities.

However, there are uppers :) and there are downers :(.

It's awful to make the effort to be there and then be turned away by the police because they are under orders to disallow any form of gathering.

However, it's always heart-warming to meet up with the "vigil family". It is my belief that we all share the same motivation and inspiration.

I used to think that most Malaysians just lived for themselves, until I met and got to know the "vigil family". Now I realise that I was wrong. There are very many caring people in Malaysia. People who are concerned for the future of this country. People who champion a cause because they believe that no human being should be locked up without trial. People who are standing up for their fellow Anak Bangsa Malaysia because it seems the right thing to do.

No photos today, folks! I don't know if I am tired or disappointed. Maybe a little of both! Anyway, I'll end with this quote

"What we think or what we know or what we believe is, in the end, of little consequence. The only consequence is what we do."
- John Ruskin

and this reminder
Yes, keep them (our Anak Bangsa Malaysia in Kamunting) in your heart with peace, faith, love and most of all, hope that the battle is not yet lost!


zewt said...

i am really surprise that it is still on... in a good way of cos.

SAJ said...

Thanks a million Lita..
The spirit of Anak Bangsa Malaysia will surely live on.
Yes We Can!!!


Antares said...

It's clear that the Potatohead Gestapoman aka Hamid Albar, son of the rabid racist Syed Jaafar Albar, is aligning himself with Najib's planned Third Reich administration in which all truth-tellers will be locked away in Kamunting (I'm told a new wing is already being constructed!) while those who curry favor with the Umnoputra fatcat capitalists will be rewarded with titles & ministerial posts. Folks, we are now in the DARKEEST HOUR BEFORE THE NEW DAWN. The candles we light in our hearts are more meaningful than ever. Those who plot evil number at most a thousand - but they control the PDRM & the MSM. Those who desire positive change number in the millions. Let's see how long darkness can rule against the rising of the Sun!

Patricia said...

I'll keep a candle burning for those in Kamunting, and also for the rest of us. I think we so need some karmic help right now.

peng said...

Thank you for your commitment and dedication to this cause. I just went to the PM's website and leave a comment, asking him to amend or abolish ISA.

Estrelita Soliano Grosse said...

Zewt: Yes, good surprise huh! We will do our best to carry on!

Jaya: No need for thanks! As an Anak Bangsa Malaysia, I'm doing what I can. Yeah! We can!!!! Cheers to you too!

Antares: I think they are immune to all those names! However, I do understand the need to let it all out. :)

Patricia: We need all the help we can get. It's nice to know that those who don't make it on Sundays, join us in their own unique way. ;)

Peng: I think we feed off each other's commitment. We all have our own way of showing it. Thanks for the thumbs up! :)