01 February 2009

Of Sundays and missing out!

It's Sunday again!

I should be at the MBPJ with my "vigil family". I feel like I have missed doing something. It's already dark outside and I'm still home!

When I didn't feel well enough to attend the evening mass at St Francis Xavier's, I knew that I probably would have to give the anti-I.S.A. vigil a miss too.

So here I am - coughing, sneezing and waiting for news that all is well and everyone is safe. I can close my eyes and see all the people there! I already know most of them, by sight!

I just got an sms that the vigil ended with the singing of the National Anthem at 8.16 pm. I doubt, very much, it has anything to do with the bad weather. Well, I'll have to wait for more news.

It really is annoying to be missing out on the camaraderie.

There's always next Sunday. I can look forward to that!


Jarod said...

hi, sorry to hear you are sick. Got to take care. tonight is another "disperse" night. Just manage to sang National anthem and we decided to move away.

Those SB at work really Hardworking.

Anyway, see you soon.

Estrelita Soliano Grosse said...

Jarod: Thanks dear. Immune system must be low! I'll be back to normal soon! :)

Anonymous said...

The vigil only last for 15 min (or maybe less then that).

Even though we moved to Lotus, the police still PANTANG to see us standing (in front LOTUS cinema), laughing, talking and muhibah-ing with the rest. They still try to scare us with FRU!!!

Eat more antioxidant to boost ur immune system. And rest more. Take care!