18 September 2009

18 September 2009

A year ago, it was a Thursday and I was one of the millions of passive internet surfers, prancing from one blog or website to another. My usual routine was to go to work, come home and then switch on the computer, browse the news/blogs (wait for Stephen to get on skype), comment (sometimes), read some more and then switch off and go to bed. The next day, it would be the same again unless it was the weekend or I was in Singapore. This would only mean just a slight variation to that habit.

However, that late Thursday afternoon changed my life completely. I’d been fidgeting with blogspot but never really gotten around to typing anything. It was something alien to me and I had no idea of what to do or where to begin. What would I write about? Who would want to read? Where would I even start? Credit must be given to the fact that blogspot is user-friendly and because I followed the instructions, I was able to put out my first posting at 6.35 pm. Tentatively.

With that, the thrill of seeing one’s own work in cyberspace gripped me. Hook. Line. And sinker. For a second, I sat at the computer, waiting…. waiting…. nothing happened. If you are new to blogging, you’ll be able to relate to this.
Fortunately, I didn’t have to wait very long. The moment, I told Stephen, he lovingly put the very first comment in. I felt so accomplished *laughs now*. Yeah, okay, that was a bit melodramatic!
Then, just like that, other comments trickled in and gave me a bit more confidence. Finally, it was my cautious participation at the first candle light vigil that sealed the cap of my blogging initiation.
I found that I could write about the vigils and people wanted to read them. I had loads of encouragement from strangers (who are now such dear friends). What would my life be, today, if I had just given in to that moment of hesitation to send my posting out into the blogosphere? I cannot imagine.
So much has happened. So much has not happened. I’ve met some of the blogger friends in real life. Some I may never ever meet. Many have become very close to my heart.
What lessons have I learnt this last year? I’ll tell you.
I’ve learnt that
-There are good people out there.
-Not every stranger is an enemy.
-Hope is not dead.
-United we must stand.
-Love is all we need.
18 September 2009 falls on a Friday this year and I am probably at work or on my way down south or already there, depending on what time you read this.
Whoever you are,
whatever you do,
however you feel,
whenever you want, and
wherever you may be

look for the hidden message in this posting.

(You probably can, but If you can’t figure it out, send me a comment or an email!)


siedne said...

Congrats! Another year will pass in no time!

sanjiun said...

Totally agree.

It is so amazed that how a candle light vigil bring us all together so close.
In just a year time, I gained so many friends. Not only friends, but good friends.
And it is my pleasure to know u, Lita! :)

romerz said...

I know the feeling very well. Slightly more than a year ago I had so much to say but didn't know how to until a good friend taught me to discard my fear of disagreement and simply say what I have to say so long as it is from the heart and my blog was born.

14 months on, My blog has surpassed all my expectations in terms of hits and comments and even offers for commercial benefits.

Of course there are detractors too who question why I spend so much time on my blog when I have changed nothing in their opinion.

Well I would like to think that I am only a small voice but if enough of small voices say what they have to say publicly, we may have a chorus eventually.

Keep up the good work and congrats!

Patricia said...

You're most welcome, sweetie :) And have all my love and good wishes for many more happy years!

The best part for me is: We found each other!

Estrelita Soliano Grosse said...

Siedne, Remember you were instrumental in my decision to blog! Thank you! :)

SanJiun: The candle light vigil brought many of us together and united us while government initiatives have failed to do so.

It will always be a special episode in the book of my life.

You are such a delightful friend. :)

Romerz, It's so kind of you to leave a comment. Thank you for the encouragement and joining you to make our choir bigger and better. :)

Patricia, What a loss it would have been, for me, never to have known you first hand!???? Immeasurable, I am sure!

Thanks for everything! :)

TheWhisperer said...

Get It?

Richard Loh said...

Congratulation Lita. Everything come in good and bad form depending on when, what, why and how. Surely this way did bring us more closer even though we may be world apart and may never have a chance to meet in real life.

I am the lucky one to have met you in person at the SABM launch.

Keep it going.

cancan said...


I have been through the same boat before.

Just keep blogging and the world will blog with you.

My first blog was 6 Oct 2007 categorized under Introduction

Antares said...

As someone whose first encounter with the internet was in April 1998, I consider myself lucky that I wasn't put off by all this newfangled digital tech. On the contrary, I instantly embraced the astounding possibilities for artistic expression and networking made possible by satellite communications, optic fibers and modems... and here I am, approaching the end of my third year as a blogger and still happy to be in such fine company :-)...

Well, Lita... how about getting wet real soon? :-)

David Chin said...

I am so happy to see the younger generation blogging. For a while I really thought that blogging was for old retired people only. I was so wrong!

Estrelita Soliano Grosse said...

David, I'm far from the younger generation. In fact, I was hesitant to begin blogging. However, I see that there isn't a clear cut profile of a blogger. Anyone who wants to write and can do so and starts a blog is a blogger. :)

I thought that blogging was for the young and you thought otherwise. So it's really a case of perception.

Thanks for visiting. Come again!