29 September 2009

What's it all about?

My friend, HH wrote me and lamented about my sluggish blog. He's right. I haven't been diligent.
Like him, on many nights, just before drifting off to sleep, I think of how I spent my day and a flurry of ideas rush through my mind. I make a mental note of what I will write about the next day and when I drive to work, I sort out the ideas in my head. Then, I think, some alarm bells sound off somewhere. If I write that, then “so and so” will feel it’s about him/her. Then I scrap the idea and move on to the next topic. Again, I find that if I chose that subject, someone else would wonder if I’m hinting at something. The problem is that I have friends from all walks of life.
Bloggers/friends and all who are reading this, do tell me if you have this “afraid to hurt someone in cyberspace” complex.
This is perhaps the real reason why I haven't blogged much. Should I let go of the little small voice inside my head and fire away? Or should I maintain a retreated stance?
H E L P!


Patricia said...

Yes, you should!

Much of what we think and write would seem to be about someone out there. After all, we're all so alike in in so many different ways.

We may be unique, but it's in the way our differences group to form the whole that makes us special, no? I may be fat, and happy and divorced; another may be fat, and happy and in a lovely same-sex relationship!

So, yes, we're similar, but not quite ;)

Write what's on your mind, Lita. If I think you're dissing me, I'll write you and ask you about it! That's what real friends do.

Idiots who think you're being mean, and go away and lick their wounds and nurse their misplaced anger - ahhh, just forget about them!

I miss reading you! So, I agree with Hussein: make like Nike, and just do it!!!

Estrelita Soliano Grosse said...

Pat, I was sure you'd respond and you'd tell me to write away.

That's what real friends do!!!!

I so love you right now!

Yennyways, thanks for the nudge.


MikeM said...

Dont give up... along the way as a blogger, u mean some ppl who r the pain in the ass... i had been thru that... i just wont let these people ruin my space, my area, my territory to voice out myself...

if those fellas dont like to read what's been scribbled, why in the first place they come to ur site?

keep it up darling!

Estrelita Soliano Grosse said...

Mike, I think I already knew that but I suppose I needed to hear it. Thanks so much for your comment. :)

Antares said...

Lita, I've already lost a few friends in the last year or so because of the vile state of political affairs in this country. One read something I wrote in a post called "No Turning Back" and immediately assumed I was referring to her. She sent me a nasty message via facebook and deleted me from her list! I'd re-establish our friendship anytime, but she would first have to come to her senses and realize that nobody can live in their own comfort zone forever...

Antares said...

Erratum: The title of the blogpost that cost me a friendship was actually "Could This Be You?" - not "No Turning Back".

HH said...

I started reading your blog because you can write! I don't care what you write just write! You and Pat know that i only look at two blog - yours and hers...so what happens now...only Pat writes, so now only one blog to look at! I spend enough time on my blog so i need that distraction...and I am asking you very nicely here..please.


Anonymous said...

HH, wow....u only look at 2 ladies' blogs ah !?

Estrelita Soliano Grosse said...

Antares, I guess I'll be losing some too if they get sensitive. Anyway, I've taken the decision to write away. Much thanks to you, Hussein and Pat.

Love ya! xoxox

Estrelita Soliano Grosse said...

HH, I could not have expected this from you but I am very thankful that you like what I write. I'm a peculiar writer. I don't follow any pattern or format. I just write as I think which is what you do also.

I think that's what we have in common. We aren't bound by the any rules of grammar or style or whatever, we just "hentam" sahaja.

Thank you! :)