15 October 2010

When the PM came a visitin'

Last Sunday, on 10.10.10, the Prime Minister of Malaysia came  to Taman Seri Sentosa for, what I believe to be, a Hari Raya Open House celebration.

Am I glad he came?  Yeah!

Traffic was a bit heavy, I saw a lot of people but it was too crowded for me.  So no detailed reporting because I wasn't at the Open House Celebration.

Oh, no wonder, the entire stretch of 
Jalan Taman Seri Sentosa 
has been retarred.  Yahoo!!!!!

 It took them only two days to get it done.  Efficient heh!

I wonder if therein lies a hidden formula for when your area needs sprucing up!


Martin Lee said...

I grew up in a village. Whenever the main roads there were tarred up, we know the election day is coming!

Could a newly tarred actually help an election? Or they just wanted to give a good impression to the politicians coming in here for the pre-election ceramah?

STEEST said...

Hi Martin

I believe that it's meant to give a good impression more than to help in an election. At least in this particular case.

Some years ago, the Sultan of Selangor came for something in Taman Medan and all the buildings on the main road were repainted.

When he came, I am sure he was impressed that the area looked nice and well cared for. The reality, however, is that if he wasn't coming, no one would have cared.

I guess it boils down to the lower level guys creating an illusion of what is not reality. Why do they do it? It's easy to guess.

For the top guys, I'd say that "Where ignorance is bliss, tis folly to be wise".


Caroline Anita Lee said...

Its the same over where I stay...whenever a VIP comes visiting...all the illegal hawker stalls seem to take a holiday, the grass is cut and the potholes filled up and nobody seems to be hanging their clothes out of the window....strange isn't it?

Johan Harris said...

Every neighbourhood should organize a VIP visit day once a year so we'll have perfect roads and parks everywhere. By-election lagi best, got new bridges and schools summore. Go for it!!!

STEEST said...

Caroline: I think it's wonderful! :)

Johan: Precisely! Johan, it's so simple and workable.

Pat said...

Hahaha! Lovely, isn't it? You got a lovely tarred road, and all because of a little visit from the PM! Nice.

There's a house being renovated, big-time, down the road from where I stay. We're hoping some 'big-shot' will come stay there. No more pot-holes, no more water cuts, no more electricity failures going on and on and on.

I think the word I'm searching for is 'pathetic', but that's just to describe me lah! ;)

STEEST said...

Hi Pat

It was okay except for the entrance where a corner was pretty bumpy, they've done that up now.

What is joy it is to drive now!!!

Pity they didn't paint the buildings, though. My apartment block is in dire need of a new coat of paint.

Hope you get a VIP on your road!!!!!