04 October 2010

Of knowing

The days of autograph books now seems to have become extinct. When I was in primary and secondary school, I loved being asked to sign autograph books. It gave me the opportunity to leave a verbal mark and also read what other people wrote. Probably therein lay the beginning of my interest to write and to read what others had to say.

Funnily, people wrote stuff instead of just signing their name. Some drew caricatures or put a picture. It was a chance to pen your thoughts or share a poem.

My girlfriend Chris found her old autograph book and kept it. She took a picture and put it up on Facebook. I couldn't believe it.  Thank God my writing has improved since then.  I have my old autograph book too.  I'm going to have to look for it.

I had some favourites and I can still remember them till today.

May you sail in a ship of ambition and anchor in a harbour of success!

I wish you luck, I wish you joy
I wish you first, a baby boy
and when his hair begins to curl
I wish you then a baby girl
and when her hair is up in pins
I wish you then a pair of twins

Friendship Remains And Never Can End

Remember M, Remember E
Put them together and remember ME

However, the one that I like the best is this

When day is over and shadows fall
I think and I realise that I love you most of all

It is so true that only when everything gets quiet and there is a stillness in the air, just before sleep comes, we think of who we love. This has been true for me.

No matter how many times I had thought I was in love before, this was always the acid test. In that twilight moment, between wakefulness and sleep, is when I know.

I know who I love most of all.


Pat said...

I remember those autograph books! Hahaha! They were the 'in' thing then, weren't they?

As a teacher, I remember being given some to sign when I left a school. I always wondered what profound and sage advice I should write, to leave an indelible mark on the page ;)

And I love the way you put how you know who you love:

In that twilight moment, between wakefulness and sleep, is when I know.

I say the very same thing, but with a song:here

STEEST said...

Hi Pat,

Yeah, it was quite the rage when I was in school. I am sure I have my old autograph book somewhere. It would really be fun if I could find it.

Some comments on Facebook and Buzz have also touched my heart, just like yours.

Thanks for the link, dear! I just had a listen. :)

Martin Lee said...

It was autograph books that kept us together during those years without computers and facebook. I was shown the autograph book that I once wrote on during a classmates reunion gathering, the only piece written in English in a Chinese school background!

I snapped the photo and put that on the group in facebook!

Hussein abdul Hamid said...

Always use this one:

I have a Pen
My Pen is Blue.
I have a Friend.
My Friend is you.....

I know, I know it so corny and used...but what to do...

STEEST said...

Hola Martin

Thanks for commenting here. Now with Facebook and Buzz, the comments are sparse here but it's nice to have them all in one place and immortalised in this space.

I'll go check your FB photo after this.

Hasta la vista!!!! :)

STEEST said...


I have a pen
my pen is yellow
I have a friend
He's a nice fellow!

hahaha This is for you! :)