14 October 2010

Of being in a scam! Part 1 (DELETED)

This blog post has been deleted
along with all the links and ties 

that brought it on.

Sometimes you win, 
sometimes you lose!

To all those who took the time 
to comment, I thank you.  

Time for me to move on . . . 

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Martin Lee said...

I guess someone is madly in love and there is no one on this earth could ever convince her otherwise. Perhaps she would have to taste the bitter pills eventually to realize this is a scam.

You had done your part as a friend and there is nothing more you could do!

STEEST said...


I agree with you because being in love, they say, makes you lose all your senses except your sense of stupidity.

I don't mean to make light of this serious business of pain. It's just that the slippery slope can be so difficult. It's hard to find one's footing.

I really feel sad for her.

Thank you for the last line. I really appreciate it.

Johan H said...

Lita, I know exactly how you feel as I've been in your shoes quite a few times.

Like Martin says, you've really done your part as a friend and sometimes we have to let go and let people learn life's lessons at their own pace rather than at the pace we'd like them to.

Its tragic but sometimes, we have to recognize pain as the only friend that can reach someone who is mentally unreachable. Sometimes by standing in the way of that valuable lesson, we may actually be doing a disservice to those we care about. Its a bit like parenting. Of course being a friend, we should be available to offer a shoulder to cry on when the lesson does finally register.

Keep positive and I hope this ordeal will soon be over for your friend and leave her wiser.

aida said...

hi there..i've read of this exact scam online while i was doing a research when my bro fell for another form of scam where he ended up losing his entire savings.there are so many people out there who target single lonely person.another form of scam will ask the person to transfer money first because the lover in uk is sending a parcel containing cash and other valuables which if u think about it sounds ridiculous right?i hope yr friend is ok in the end.

STEEST said...


It really is difficult to know how to deal with it. I think it doesn't get easier even if there is a second time.

I'll do a Part 2 later and hope for the best.

STEEST said...


Thanks for sharing. I blogged because there are many who don't know about these scams.

A young girl who tumpangs my car in the morning, had never heard of it. She was grateful that she now knows.

You have an interesting blog too. I'll go back to look later.

Hugs for you and Mia.

Pat said...

It is easy for those of us who are not in the midst of this storm, to be wise. But she is in love, and can see no wrong in him.

If the 'her' involved were you, or me, and if we take Scott Lenon out of the equation, and put in your husband, or I put in mine - would we listen to anyone else's reason?

I agree with the other Commenters, here: There was only so much you could do - and you did SO much - the rest is up to her.

Eventually, the coin will drop, and she'll understand what it's all about. For us, it is clear. It will take longer for her to see clearly, and you need to be there to help ease the pain.

It is sad that this is happening to her. I see no good end in sight. But she is blessed to have a friend like you.


Anonymous said...

These are typical cases of telemarketers or in chat rooms and other social networking sites preying on the weaknesses of fellow humans.There are so many type of scams going around and as the saying goes, there is a fool born everyday.
A good telemarketer could smell a victim within 10 seconds during conversation, and those online could do it in 2 to 3 correspondence.
In my opinion, do not underestimate the power of a telephone or online chats.
Your friend unfortunately fell for one.


Anonymous said...

If someone ever wanted a script writer for some Holly/Bollywood blockbuster, they should look you up.
Your imagination really captures the essence of ones' heart... a friend in need, is one indeed! I do hope your imaginative friend does appreciate your gesture but alas what else can one do when cupid strikes the heart.

JessyBabyGurl said...

See what the power of love can do...

STEEST said...

To all those who commented here, please accept my apologies for deleting the blog post.

I've wasted one week of my life worrying and thinking about it.

In the end, it marked a closing of one chapter in the book of my life.

Some stories do not have a happy ending.

Johan H said...

Hi Lita, you didn't put that one week to waste. You've made some conclusions that will ultimately help you make better decisions in later years, and that is no loss by any means.

I like that first quotation, "Some people think that holding on and hanging in there are signs of strength." Reminds me of someone I once advised to sell off his shares while he could still recover. He said something similar to the quote, stubbornly hung on, lost his life savings and still hasn't recovered to this day. At least he later admitted it was stubborn greed that led to his undoing although sometimes I wonder if he really learned his lesson.

Yes, while it takes strength to cling to something, it often takes far more than that to let go.

Take care and have a great weekend!