21 October 2010

Of seeing "love"

People say that we can't see love.
People say that you can only feel love.

I say that sometimes we can!

We can see it in a clumsily wrapped gift!

which, when opened, will reveal a lantern with beautifully
hand-painted sunflowers!

You can also see love on a wood board with delicate roses!

Even better is when you see love in the little strokes, cleverly done by the artist, on this cute jam jar.  

But best of all is that the jam jar, lovingly painted has been lovingly filled, with home-made blackcurrant jam!

Thank you, Pat, for a lovely dinner 
and all the lovingly hand-painted gifts.   Muah!


Pat said...

This was the perfect gift for me this morning, just back from the hospital, and wondering if all will be well with Larnee by Sunday.

I hope you enjoy the jam. It's not as sugary as the store-bought ones, and I love it. There will be more, cos William's dad sends some every time someone visits!

You are more than welcome - is my reply.



Clumsily wrapped, eh?! Hahahah! Be prepared for all my gifts looking like that! It's about function (so the glass wouldn't break) not about being cosmetically parfait ;)


STEEST said...

Pat Sweetheart,

Touché !

Actually, some of the tape took off parts of the paint, when I removed it. :(

Not very noticeable though, so I was just happy to put it on my shelf with the other sunflower stuff.