14 November 2010

Of memories

The popular lines are "The memories closest to my heart are those in which you have a part".  I think it is very true.  You can see this when people live their lives surrounded by all the things of their past.  Unconsciously, they cling to objects and photos because they cannot let go.

Here is a story I know of.  I wonder if anyone has a similar one!

I wonder, “are you over me yet?
Is it so hard for you to forget?

You told our friends you had enough
Kept quiet about your new found love

You spread stories about what I did
Yet  your infidelity you hid

The love had died so why pretend
You wanted life in that foreign land

So if the choice I made to leave
Works out for us, why do you grieve?

You have our pictures on your wall
You put our old stuff in your hall

Does he not mind that I am there
In his own house, does he not care?

Surrounded by old memories
how much of me you really miss

The dress you wore on your big day
Was real familiar, I should say

It made me smile to see that pic
A joke that somehow seems real sick

You reached behind into your past
Of what should only be just dust

I don’t know why you did just that
For you I did feel sort of sad

You should let go, give up your hope
That without you, I cannot cope

I have moved on and found a wife
I have real love, I have a life

I wish you well with your illusions
As well as all the fake allusions

That you are happy and just fine
Because I can see through that line

 You say too much about everything
with non-stop pretence and acting

If you are happy, people will know
And I think that it will show
So clear your house of things with me
And you will really be quite free

You owe it to yourself and him
Or else your future is quite dim

So are you over me yet?
Clean up your house, then we bet

For until then, and I can tell
You see me there I know it well

I once was yours but now no more
And it is such a point so sore

That you settled for who you’re with
And make it seem it was your wish

I know better and so do you
Call your bluff, that I won’t do

Just hope that you get over me
Only then can you be free.

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