13 November 2010

Of 3 Angels

There are days when everything works out so well that you feel so immensely blessed.  Then there are also days when nothing goes right.

Yesterday was one of those days.

I needed transport to Bangsar because I didn't have my car.

Angel 1 sent me there
Angel 1 also paid for my lunch

Feeling good, I then discovered that I left my passport at home

Angel 2 sold off my 2.30 pm ticket
Angel 2 got me a seat on the 4.30 pm bus

Feeling anxious about how to retrieve my passport from home

Angel 3 came to pick me up
Angel 3 sent me back to Bangsar.

Three obstacles and yet everything worked out so well.  Yes, I remembered to thank my lucky stars and also the angels that made everything run so smoothly.  Small blessings are so necessary.

It isn't the first time that people have just appeared, out of nowhere, to help me.  I am truly blessed.

(all pics from photobucket)


Pat said...

How lovely to have these angels in your life, Lita.

But I think you forgot to mention the fourth angel!

Angels are always willing to help out a fellow angel, darling.


STEEST said...

Pat Darling

Awwwwwwww You sure know how to make me smile.

By the way, the angelic roses are now in Singapore!

Love them to bits.

*HUGE HUG* for you.