28 November 2010

#1 Of What Makes Me Smile

My brother, Rin has an album of photos in which he wrote, “Growing up happens in a heartbeat”.  Of course, it’s taken from the TV series “The Wonder Years”.  He’s right to echo the sentiment.  I wish I could remember all the sweetness and joy that I felt when the kids were growing up.  In fact, it’s only when something jogs my memory that I remember a moment frozen in my mind.  There are probably hundreds, if not thousands of memories already forgotten.  It’s a pity because no one will know of them.

So I’m going to start a series and save them here for posterity.  In this way, I’ll always have them and also be able to retrieve them whenever I want to remember.

Besides, in the future, a grandchild of mine might stumble upon this and find an anecdotal piece of their history here.


When Jared began learning to read, it was a stressful time because, in truth, I couldn’t remember how I learnt to read myself.  So how could I help him?  I had many of the usual ABC books.  I even bought the book by Glenn Doman. Of course, there was also the usual story telling time but how was he going to absorb so much.

Our education system doesn’t help at all.

One day, while driving down the Sungei Besi road, (Stephen once called it the Iron River Road and I couldn’t relate to it, LOL), alone in the car with Jared, our conversation went something like this

He (very excitedly): Mummy, I can read.

Me (surprise in my voice): That’s great.  What can you read?

He (in serious tone):  CHO CHA CHO LA

Me (flabbergasted):  What is that?


Me (not understanding): Yes, I heard you but how do you spell it?

He: C-O-C-A  C-O-L-A!

Until today, whenever I see a Coca Cola sign, it makes me smile.

When I told my friend about it, she related to me a similar story.  Her son also said the same thing to her.  It was NAH TEE OHH NAL

Can you guess the word?  


Pat said...

Isn't Jared soooo cute?! That's a lovely pix of him!

I was a teacher and I didn't know how to start my children off with reading. So, don't feel bad. Or does it explain your comment about our education system ;)

Yennyways, their first teacher was Sesame Street, and they learnt a lot there. Then, when they were off to Kindy, they started on the rest.

Love this post.

STEEST said...

Hi Pat

Yes, he was about 3 or maybe 4 I think. I can't remember!!!!!

And for me it was also Sesame Street. I would recommend it to any parent. Jared and Eric loved it. They learnt more than a language from Sesame Street. That programme is a winner in my book!

Later, I'm going to post the comments from Facebook over here. It's the only setback when you share it there. People comment there instead of here and I want to have them all together.

Hugs as always to you for dropping by.