08 June 2011

Of the tide turning

Other than when I am with Stephen, I am used to being the one who is in the position of servitude.  

Well, at work, that's my job.

In my family, it isn't unusual either that I am the one everyone expects to step up to the plate and to deal with whatever happens.

I'm the one who goes the distance for the family, when necessary.  For as long as I can remember, I'm the one who carries the bags, the one who gets the car while they wait at the entrance.  I'm the one who does the banking, picks up the stuff, gets the groceries or whatever else needs to be done.  I've hosted gatherings, sleepovers and dinners at restaurants.

This is the reason why I love being with Stephen.  He will queue up for me, order my food and drinks while I sit and wait.  He will go shopping with me, carry the bags, open the doors and even watch movies that I like.  I'm really pampered.

It's a stark contrast to how I am with my family.

Recently, I was out with my son and his girlfriend, Gwen.  Yup, I was the lamp post.

Anyway, we had lunch and then browsed around Ikea.  We found some stuff that we wanted needed.  Hence, we ended up carrying quite a bit between the three of us.  Since we intended to shop some more, the kids decided to leave the things in the car so that our hands would be free for more shopping.

As we made our way to the basement and just as we reached the exit, Gwen turned to me and said, "Aunty, you sit here and wait while we put the things in the car".  For a moment, I was stunned.  I'll explain why.

Other than when I am with Stephen, I am the one who does what needs to be done.  

Now, the kids are treating me as I have been treating my old folks.  

It's official.  

I'm O L D.

The tide has turned

I love it.


sintaicharles said...

My Dad is like you, he is not used to others doing things for him.

Your son's girl friend is so thoughtful.

STEEST said...


Yes, it's nice to look after the family but it's even nicer when they look after you.

I just have to get used to it.

Yes, again. My son's girlfriend is so thoughtful. Not only in this one time. There were other occasions when she showed that too.


Johan H said...

Lita are you the 2nd child in your family? Cuz you sound just like me, haha!! (Except for the kids of course.)

Anonymous said...

Lita, i'm still where you were. Hope one day i could join your OLD club.....;)

STEEST said...


I'm the third child. Do you think this has a bearing on who does what for the family? LOL


STEEST said...

Anonymous 09:08,

I had made a resolution not to reply to anonymous comments but seeing that you are where I was, I'm making an exception.


Pat said...

You are WRONG, Lita. You are not old.

You are loved.

It's as simple as that.

Antares said...

Doesn't mean you're getting "old" lah... that's impossible with us! It just means your boy knows how to choose a potential partner, heh heh ;-)

STEEST said...


Now that is the sweetest thing to say and I am not surprised since it's from you!


STEEST said...


That's impossible. Okay! I can buy that!

And yes, it does sort of say that about my boy, doesn't it?