23 June 2011

What do YOU see?

The pictures are not clear because it's taken from inside the bus, with my Blackberry.  I meant to take more but I got so excited when I realised  what was happening that I managed to get only these two.

It was 13 May 2011.  I was half way to Singapore that day.  We had stopped in Pagoh for the obligatory break in the journey.  

When I boarded the bus to wait for the remaining passengers, I noticed another passenger, an old man, walking very slowly back to the bus.  Two younger guys strolled up to him and then one of them took his hand to help him cross the road and board the bus.  Simple enough.  So what do you see?

At first, I saw 2 Malay men with 1 Chinese man.  

I had to chide myself and correct the bad programming in my head.  

Then I realise that what I saw was 2 young Malaysians helping another old Malaysian.  This is how it should be always.  Not only on May 13 but every day. 

What did you see?


sintaicharles said...

What a good gesture.


awwwwww how nice! it's always nice when someone makes another person happy :) this post reminds me of all the times i see the boys with tattooed arms and coarse language on the train and just before parting they greet each other in the traditional way (i'm not sure what to call the gesture), or when an old lady boards the train and they get up, greet her and let her have their seat ;)

Pat said...

Loved this post. Because it shows us as we are. Because we really are like this, aren't we: good to each other.

I wonder if Ibrahim Ali - is that his name? - would approve, though!

Oldstock said...

I see that there is always hope...

joshua said...

I saw two souls helping a needy soul - all of them from the same race, the human race. 8-)

I don't wish to be a 'racist' but admittedly the Malay angels were the ones to help me when I had problem with my car on the road on two separate occasions.

STEEST said...

Sorry for the late replies but here goes!!!!

It was a feel good moment for them and also for me.

That's a lovely story in itself.

Yes, I want to believe that, in general, we are good to each other.

Yes, hope springs eternal.

I hope that this is the future of Malaysia. Steep climb but it can happen.