03 January 2012

Of seeing personalities

You can see a person's personality from the way he or she behaves in real life as well as in the virtual world. 

In the first three days of 2012, with all the news and views going around, you can tell so much from the way people react.

Those they adore, they now abhor.

Those they would defend, they now easily condemn.

In my world, a friend is a friend is a friend.  I won't understand everything about my friend and I don't need to analyse and dissect every word, deed or action.

Just as I would want them to accept all I do without judgement, the same I must do for them.

However, it is nice, though, to know who will stand up for a friend.  


Small Kucing said...

hmmm deep thoughts

STEEST said...

Thank you, Small Kucing. :)

Oldstock said...

Hi Lita,

It would be wonderful if everyone agrees with what we say and have the same opinions as we do.... but then life wouldn't be fun. It's the difference among us that give colour and depth to our friendships but sadly, not many people can see beyond their own self-interest.

You'll make a good friend, Lita :-)

STEEST said...


I do my best as friendship is an investment.

I love the diversity of my friends. All their different backgrounds, interests, cultures, exposures, idiosyncrasies and what not, make for such an interesting relationship.

Thank you for the kind words. :)

Admin said...

Agreed, too!
...only that in this case, it went much further than just personal friendships for those who know him personally.
When it was reported in the mainstream media the way mainstream media reports, an unnecessary spanner was thrown into the long process of convincing the less-informed to vote ABU-BN!
Anyway, for me, I don't know him personally, so I have nothing against his person,...just need to repair the damage and carry on!!
Cheers, QE!

STEEST said...


I think the QE gave you away. :)

Yes, being a friend means going out on a limb and sometimes getting out of one's comfort zone.

Some will do that and some won't. It's good to know who will!