21 January 2012

Project 366 - Week 3 (Jan 15 - Jan 21)

January 15 - Finger-lickin' good 

January 16 - My latest wallpaper.

January 17 - My colourful dinner 

January 18 - Fortune Cookies saying "You are in for an amazing year". 

January 19 - Yearly ritual 

January 20 - Spoilt for choice. 

January 21 - Honey Mandarin Oranges. ♥ 


Vayshna said...

American Idol! We're following it again too! =D

STEEST said...


It seems to be lacking some oooomph this year.

I hope it picks up.


Pat said...

Guess who's playing catch-up?!!!

1. I recognise your desktop pix!!! :) Mwah!

2. Me too: following American Idol. I still love that crazy, old guy: Steven Tyler; I still think JLo's beautiful; and I still think Randy Jackson is an ass!!!

And, I agree with you: it's lacking some ooomph - and I PRAY that another Alfred E. Neuman doesn't win this year :(

STEEST said...


Somehow I missed this comment earlier. At the end of this Project, I am sure that the people who matter in my life will somehow feature in one picture or another.