28 January 2012

Project 366 - Week 4 (Jan 22 - Jan 28)

January 22 - I've looked at clouds that way... 

January 23 - Favourite pastime.

January 24 - Synonymous with Chinese New Year. 

January 25 - My pals keep me company. 

January 26 - View from my kitchen balcony. 

January 27 - Cupcakes made by a Cupcake. 

January 28 - Yee Sang :) 


joshua said...

You know, if you're in Google+, you can utilise the Instant Upload feature. Once you're online whether on mobile data or wireless, your daily pix will be automatically updated.

Pat said...

I love that first picture of the cloudy sky best! Beautiful shades of grey!!!

STEEST said...

Joshua, I am in Google+ but I've yet to check it out. I don't really want to put a daily pix. A weekly round-up is more in line with how I view my life. Thanks for the suggestion. It may come in handy one day. :)

STEEST said...

Pat, I loved it too. One of my favourite thing to do is look at the sky. ;)