14 January 2012

Project 366 - Week 2 (Jan 8 - Jan 14)

January 8 - Chinese New year is in the air. 

January 9 - Glass of red reflection, anyone? 

January 10 - I've had this since 1992. Just found it today 

January 11 - Freshly cut grass, I love the smell.

January 12 - Yes, home is where it begins and ends. 

January 13 - First Coach 

January 14 - View from front gate (Singapore) 


Antares said...

Nice glimpse of your personal reality, Lita :-0

STEEST said...


How honest of you to say so!!!

xoxo :D

joshua said...

January 14 - View from front gate (Singapore)

I should have been there. It was my birthday. 8D

sparkles said...

Dearest Lita Light!

You don't have to kiss toads, you have the BEST ONE!!!

You're kidding...where's the grass to smell? Ah well, forgot it is a view from your window, in Singapore!! haha

The tree looks a little lonesome...also Singapore? Not a very good advertisement dear, for a breadth of fresh air? Think Malaysia is better????

The card is super and breathes of good things to come at this Gong Xi Fa Cai...I like it so much.

Can excuse First Coach for a missing video, as always. Their speed is super though and their drivers are so steady!!!

And lastly, the second week is still super in 2012..and.loveU!

sparkles said...

Forgot Lita, home is where they trouble you first.

The understanding and love come later...no?

The reflection drink...nice pic and tempting. Also nice time of the year to slide away, on reflection!...loveU

STEEST said...


Belated birthday wishes for you!

Same day as Muhammad Ali!!

I like it that you told me. :)

STEEST said...


Whoa! Love your comments for each photo. How sweet is that?

I could get used to it. :)

Kisses and hugs for you.