24 March 2009

Birthday After Thoughts

I just love being 50. Doesn't it show?

Often, we let the chances to enjoy the love of family pass us by. Sometimes it is because time is unavailable and opportunities to do so are ignored.

However, there are occasions when time and opportunity meet and a beautiful moment can happen. It happened to me.

My day started with a visit to the Matriarch of the family. Giving her the due respect she deserves.

I had no grand illusions about celebrating my birthday. I just chose to visit my dad's eldest brother, Rufino Soliano and his effervescent wife, Shirley.

It was the first time that Jared would be meeting them and I just wanted to spend the day in the company of family and loved ones. However, the topic came to birthdays and when they enquired about mine, they were stunned that I had not mentioned it.

It wasn’t something planned but as it turned out, there was a cake! Their daughter, Jacinta brought it later in the evening as a surprise. It was really sweet of them to make it so memorable.

I think that, at any age, love is the best gift of all. But when you are 50, you begin to appreciate its value even more.

Being connected by the blood ties and surrounded by the strong feeling of loving and being loved on a day when you reach half a century is, for me, the only way to really enjoy the celebration of life and, of course, of love.

In my heart, I know that an ideal day would be with ALL loved ones, but when that cannot happen, then even a select group can make up for those absent or missing.

Stephen and me with Uncle Rufino and Aunt Shirley.

Jared with his Grand Uncle and Grand Aunt.

Jared having an impromptu lesson.

The celebration carried on to the next day at Jacinta's home. This time with music.

In the Soliano family, music runs in their veins.

Music and singing is second nature to the Solianos.

Jacinta prepared a lovely tea and dinner for us. Lovely not only being so delicious but prepared with love.

Rufino, now retired, is an icon in the music industry. He was with RTS and SBC as the Music Director and Composer for decades. He has been involved with music since his mid-teens. He is a walking encyclopedia of everything there is to know of old school music.

In the two days that we spent there, I think Jared had the best time of his life. Getting to know more of his roots and also to get first-hand advice from the grand master. Watching them interact, with only the language of music and love, was the best present for my 50th birthday.

Special thanks Uncle Rufi, Aunt Shirley to Jacinta, Aunty Corrine, Clarissa, Naomi, Timothy and Tipper for their wishes and their love.


Antares said...

Please accept delivery of 50 assorted hugs coming your way, sweet Lita! xox

Mel & Sham said...

Family is the best! What a blessed day you had!

Happy Happy Birthday Aunty Lita!
May you be blessed with many more!


HH said...


Are you part of the SOLIANO (as in MUSIC) Family? I thought the name was familiar and I was trying to dig into the recess of my mind what it was associated with..and then I saw that Ahmad Nawab (or his brother?) face keep popping up in your blog...and me being smart (!!) put two and two together - and told myself that you must be part of THAT Soliano family !! Betul tak? HH

TheWhisperer said...

You actually looked radiantly beautiful at 50.

Nice pics, Yin.

Catch up with you soon!

Estrelita Soliano Grosse said...

Antares: Thanks! What a great gift! :)

Mel: Thank you so much my dear! Take care!

HH: Betul! My late dad was Tony Soliano. He used to play at the Selangor Club in the 60s and later at the Lake Club just before retiring. My stepmum is Julie Sudiro. You might remember her for the "keroncong" numbers.

Estrelita Soliano Grosse said...

TheWhisperer: Yang, I thought I had responded to this but it was in an email or in our chat!

Thank you and wherever you are, take care, Yang. :)

sparkles said...

Hi dearest Lita

Remembering rather late, the birthday of your life, when so much love came your way.

When you lit up the world around you with your dashing and honest to goodness smile and spirit.

Also, how truly wonderful to be doubly blessed and be part of such a merry and illustrious family Soliano

So then,belatedly.. many happy returns dear friend!!!

STEEST said...


Any day that I get a comment is a gift in itself! Thank you for the wish and a lovely surprise.

I'm smiling now on this beautiful morning in Singapore!


Anonymous said...

Im still learning from you, but Im making my way to the top as well. I definitely love reading everything that is posted on your site.Keep the posts coming. I liked it!