12 March 2009

The Night Before - Part 2

Life is great. Simple. Easy. Peaceful. DC is getting ready to go to work. The kids are asleep. I’m doing something. I can’t remember what I was doing.

It was the time of the Gulf War. DC was doing spot checks on his men who were supposedly protecting the American embassy and residences. He was doing double duty as his boss had gone for a course. So there was no rest. Each night without fail, he drove around to see that the patrols were where they should be.

That night, he got ready to leave. We kissed! I went back to what I was doing. While walking away, he said, “I’ll send you to work tomorrow”. I say “OK”. He turns back, looks at me through the gate and says “I love you”. I look up and say “I love you too”. He smiles and goes off. That would be the last conversation we would have.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

How important is it to always part with loving words or actions? I hope you will remember this always.

Had this last night gone differently, I would have had to live with it anyway. In my case, I can replay this over and over in my mind and feel glad that we had said loving words.

Will you say “I love you” the next time you say goodbye? I hope you do!

It’ll be the difference between torturing yourself with remorse and hugging the warmth of that last love exchange.

More to come.....


Patricia said...

Chuan gives me a proper kiss before he leaves for work every morning; before he leave for a fishing trip; before he leaves for anywhere.

And I'll wave a good-bye - even though I am often half asleep in the morning!

But I remember this from your telling it. Don't think I'll ever forget it.

Know why you have a good memory of his last goodbye? Because you are a sweetheart lah. And god blessed you with this lovely memory.

Estrelita Soliano Grosse said...

Patricia: I'm glad I got to share it with you, in a more personal way.

Kiss kiss for you! :)