10 November 2008

Bersih & Anti I.S.a. vs Anti-Unity & Peaceful Vigil

In my view, last night's final game score is 23 - 0

Bersih & Anti I.S.A. 23
Anti-unity & -Peaceful Vigil 0


Jarod said...

23 only? Way more than that. Anti ISA people Infinity - police 0

Estrelita Soliano Grosse said...

Jarod: Way to go! Thanks! I salute your great reporting and photos. It made me feel the highs and the lows of last night.

Cannot blog since everything that needs to be said had been said by you and others.

I share the misery, in solidarity with all who had participated in the peaceful vigil, thus far.

:) Take care!

Anonymous said...

911, Malaysia style? Even while we were at Ipoh, out thoughts and heart beats for PJ. My h/phones were literally consumed by the breaking news every other 5 mins! God, what's happening? A friend of mine was detained, thought it was a prank but turn out to be true.

Its truly a sad day. The success of Ipoh Vigil's were overshadowed by these 'evil plot'.We all know how we feel.

I like to also share this sms reply with you a few hours after my friend's detention from Police station.

"Im angry by those who were handcuffed n manhandled just now. I will not b cowed!"

It gave me hope again. In the midst of any adversity, surely something pure will come out of it. I believed this friend of mine have come face to face with reality between"fear" and "truth".

I learned he was out since this morning,but only managed to hear from him about 7pm after a well deserve sleep.His in high spirit now.

God must surely hold our hands, slowly but gently lead us into truth. Take care and See you soon.

Estrelita Soliano Grosse said...

rakyat@work: It's great that the general reaction of every sane person is utter disgust at what happened last night. For me, not having been there, it did not lessen the terror as we sat in front of our computers, anxious and concerned.

You'll be seeing me!


Jarod said...

Raykat@ work. great reporting from you, always never fail the people. I was at the pj VIGIL. Is chaos. If the police aren't making any move, it would be a peaceful night. However, they just want to prove a point that we are useless and wanna fail our spirit. NO! I will not give up!


Lita, you are welcome. you can express your self. Not necessary because we have blogged about it, you cant. You have your own blog community. I am sure they also want to hear from you.


Estrelita Soliano Grosse said...

jarod: Thank you. I think those who were there said it best. Their pure rage and anger did justice to their blog posts.

As for me, I felt very sad and uninspired to write about it. What shouldn't have happened did!

Anyway, fanning the flames of unity is an indirect way to get back at the people who are trying to disarm unity.