28 November 2008

A One-Night Stand became a Full-Blown Affair

Attending the first candlelight vigil on 12 October 2008, I had no pre-determined illusions about what to expect. It was a rather spur of the moment decision, only made possible because my son, Jared could accompany me. That day, as I’ve said before, I read something that Antares had written which shocked me completely.
While my first vigil was only meant to be a one-night stand, I have to admit that it didn’t end there.
I’ll explain here:
That night, no one knew me. In all fairness, I didn’t know anyone either. I scanned the faces to see if I could recognize anybody and I think the only one was possibly, Zorro. I was too timid then to even say ‘hi’. Anyway, while just standing there with our candles trying to look “cool” and like “one of the gang”, this tall guy came forward to say “hello”. Of course, when he introduced himself, I knew immediately who he was, from his name, as I had been following his blog for some time. I was pretty much bowled over by his humility. Most personalities wait to be approached, he didn’t. I noticed when I arrived that he was talking to a small group and then another and finally he came to my group. He welcomed us and told us he was happy we were there and he hoped we would continue to give our support. Such a simple and straightforward invitation to join them, made it all the more real and genuine.
Haris needs no introduction to those who have access to the internet, and he certainly has no need for lessons in PR charm. He’s a natural. He’s as ferocious about our rights as he is authentic about being a good person! (more on that, possibly in the future!)
Now why did I continue to go for the vigils? The answer is simple yet complex.
First, definitively is because the I.S.A. goes against the natural order of human rights.
Then following very closely behind would be the kind of people giving their support.
Sometimes when we have an opinion about something, a fair share of uncertainties also plagues us. After all, we are bombarded by the MSM about the ramifications of the I.S.A. and that it is for our own protection! However, when I look at the quality of the Malaysians who come together, I have to believe that these people (and I am not talking about the Mat Rempits type) know about the intricacies of this Act. As for me, I’m not a lawyer neither am I a politician and I’m just there because I shudder to think that another human being can be so callously removed from society, on a whim, for an indefinite period. Let’s let them have their day in court!
So my decision to have a full-fledged “affair” with the anti-I.S.A. vigil stems very much from the fact that the people there are cultured, educated, civilized, intelligent, and well informed. You only have to look at a cross-section of the supporters and you can get a clear idea that this vigil, although small but growing in numbers, reaches out to all classes of people.
This vigil touches the hearts of professionals, retirees, teenagers, homemakers, and the clergy – a wide spectrum of society. How can so many of us be wrong?
If you are still doubtful, check it out this Sunday! It's the school holiday, folks! Be there or be square!
Date: 30 November 2008
Time: 8.00 pm
Venue: Tarmac (next to car park)
opposite the Civic Centre, PJ New Town


TheWhisperer said...


You have now been entrusted with this vigil's promotional duty.

Well expressed. Saying your piece from every corner of your heart. I know because I was there stalking you. Your commitment and passion cannot escape my naked eyes.

Every sentences and words rings true in the post.

Mighty glad we discovered one another. Great friendship found. Twins??

Thank you, Lita. Thank you so much.

Estrelita Soliano Grosse said...

TheWhisperer: You've been a great source of encouragement right from the start. Glad that we are friends above and beyond the blogosphere!

Cheers to you for always being there with Pete, the KL vigils, the Seremban vigils, the Ipoh vigil, the court sessions, and everywhere!


Haris said...


Truly humbled.

Love & God bless.

Estrelita Soliano Grosse said...

Haris: Bro, It was a pleasure! :)

de minimis said...


You certainly have a way with words. You've described your experiences in your usual sensitive and gentle style. And, you made Haris look good! (Much deserved, of course) :D

Estrelita Soliano Grosse said...

de minimis: Since I am such a great fan of yours, I am so honoured by your visit and your compliment. :D

Antares said...

Lita, you have blossomed so beautifully in just a matter of weeks! I remember first coming across your elegant name in my blog comments. You were so reticent & shy about your blog, but look at you now!

You're well embedded in the meat of all things blogospherical (not to mention evolutionary ;-)


Estrelita Soliano Grosse said...

Antares: Bro, Even your comments are so enjoyable to read! I said that I have never been the same since!


Anonymous said...

Excellent write up. Right from the heart. Yes, can be Vigil's Ambassador too.

Calling all bloggers - Get this link on.


Estrelita Soliano Grosse said...

rakyat@work: Oh my God! I am just doing what comes naturally and getting so much praise for it!!!!

Thank you for your kind words!

Cheers! :)


Baby, I couldn't agree more with you about your "one night stand" turned love affair with the candlelight vigils. Having such wonderful people involved in such a cause is really heartwarming. Zorro, the Whisperer, Antares, Haris, etc all seem such a good group of characters. I had the pleasure of meeting a few of them. Someday, when time permits, perhaps we will be able to meet up with the rest and have a smashing time, perhaps at Magick River. Cheers and keep up your love affair. I support you fully.

Estrelita Soliano Grosse said...

BabyGrosse: Even without you commenting on this, I already knew you stand by me.

But it's nice to be able to clear the air about my "affair" for all to see.

Thank you for your approval! I love you always! :)

Anonymous said...

Heh Stephen,
you are right! The last time we met Antares on that 911 night, Whisperer, Bruce and I have spoken about the possiblity of getting away from the city buzzle and Antares suggested we could spend a few nights at Magick River for rejuvenation purpose and be close to nature.

I believed you can sing, I play the guitar, the rest sing along. Wow, I can imagine we'll have a swell of a time, just like scouting days? What say you Whisperer and Antares?

If time permits right?

Estrelita Soliano Grosse said...

rakyat@work: No fair! That sounds like an all male outing!

Just kidding! :)

Queenie said...

Hey Lita! You have just made it harder to stay home, stay away and pretend all is hunky-dory. Going to a vigil, lending presence is doing something as opposed to doing nothing.
See youse all.

Estrelita Soliano Grosse said...

Queenie: First of all, I love your name! Second of all, you are one of the people that I am talking about in my blog post! I certainly had you in my mind when I wrote it! See you there! :)


Hello rakyat@work. Yes would be fun to get away and "smell" the roses and the river. No worries for me.I have lots of Boys' scout stories to tell. I used to live in Boys' Town, so you can imagine the fun we'll have just chit chatting. Till we meet, stay happy, stay safe and God bless.

Antares said...

I feel this is an opportune moment to insert an advertisement on Stephen & Estrelita's blog (a different lifetime ago I hacked it as an adman :-)...

Guys, let's not invoke the ghost of Robert Baden-Powell and his all-male outings. I've NEVER been into fishing, soccer & beer - so PLEASE invite some Girl Guides ;-)

Patricia said...


Is this your way of drawing out those of us in the woodwork? Hahaha. It's working! But, I don't yet know whether I'll be able to join you guys :(

But about Magick River, if the boys try to make it a boys-time-out, tell me. How's about us 'girls' giving them a run for their money?


Estrelita Soliano Grosse said...

Antares: So glad to be of service! But you know, the best advert is "by word of mouth" and I think it's already working.

So looking forward to meeting you and er, um, roughing it out. Yup, I'm a city girl. Stephen and I are opposites in this. Unlike poles attract!!!! :)

Estrelita Soliano Grosse said...

Patricia: Oh yes, an all girls affair and how come I didn't think of that? But I think it'd be more fun if we all joined in!

Join us at the vigil when you are able! We'll be waiting with open arms! ;)

zewt said...

shame to say, i have yet to carry my ass to one...

Estrelita Soliano Grosse said...

zewt: If and when you do get the time, I hope you'll be pleasantly disappointed to find out that the vigils are no longer necessary.

In the meantime, it would be nice to count on your support. You have a great readership so all you have to say is you are going to attend and others will follow! ;)