23 November 2008

PJ Candlelight Vigil Take 7 - Q & A

Where were we at 8.00 pm
on Sunday,
23 November 2008?

Why were we there?

Was he all alone, with his umbrella
and tea light, there?
Who else was there?
Aren't these some beautiful new supporters?
Were these some of the
brave Malaysians there?
Haven't I seen these handsome regulars before?
Why did so many come despite the rain?
What were they doing there?
If you need answers to the above-mentioned questions,
send me a comment! :)

Bonus Question 1: Guess what is this?

Answer: It's an unpatented battery-powered candlelight
(modified torch with 2 papercups, stuck with tape one on top of the other)
Just brilliant!

Bonus Question 2: Why was this perfect stranger giving it to me?
Answer: I don't know! He just did.
He made me happy. He made himself happy.
(I was so excited I didn't even ask his name. Anyone knows?)

That's one of the lovely side effects
of being at the anti-I.S.A. vigil.

People give their best,
do their best,
are at their best!

If you think that was the best moment,
you are wrong!
This last picture is the one
that touched my heart.

Two Malaysian beauties
with the Jalur Gemilang
painted on their cheeks!
Cheeky? Yes.
Patriotic? Yes.
Kodak moment? Yes.

I couldn't rush home fast enough
to see if this picture came out nice!
(credit to Zorro for pointing them out to me!)

Hope more of you will come to share the nice atmosphere of peace, joy, solidarity and unity!


Sivin Kit said...

thanks for coming over to say hello! And your words of encouragement mean a lot to me ...

Estrelita Soliano Grosse said...

Sivin Kit: I think we feed off each other's support and encouragement.

Saying hello is just my small way of saying thanks to you too!


TheWhisperer said...

Lita, you are catching up pretty fast. Fantastic photography with your HP camera.

Another good night despite the drizzle. You were one of the brightest shining star out there tonight.. That explains the token of appreciation in the form of that torchlight creation.

Thanks Lita for your continuous support and not forgetting Jared for his passion. He has to take the stage one day on behalf of his generation.

Estrelita Soliano Grosse said...

TheWhisperer: Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. With each vigil, I'm gaining more confidence thanks to your undying support plus all the feedback that I get from the other regular and new vigil attendees.

I still have a long way to go but in the meantime, I'm enjoying myself too. That's what must count first of all! hee hee


Jarod said...

Lita, nice to meet you at the Vigil. Oh well, a lot to catch up in the next vigil? :)


Anonymous said...

Lita, Great, great work! First pic? Hotspot? Why, of course its Hot!Its the birth of new Bangsa Rakyat.

I was receiving sms breaking news about KL event, just when we ended, I was so engross till I forgot to say bye, bye, Sorry.

Can't agree more what Whisperer said. You have leapfrog your blog! Fantastic!! Great pictures and for great read too. Thanks for pointers too, on our patriotic sisters, flags on the cheek?

Till we meet again, same time, same place. Good morning......

Estrelita Soliano Grosse said...

rakyat@work: After Stephen, I think you must be my biggest fan.

Thank you again for your generous comments. I do my best and when it's recognised, especially by you, I feel very satisfied and gratified.


peng said...

Lita, these are some nice pictures you took and the commentary is creative! A good way of enlightening those who were not present or those who fear to.

Estrelita Soliano Grosse said...

Jarod: It was nice to meet you too! Hoping to see you again soon. If I am there next Sunday, I'll see you okay.


Estrelita Soliano Grosse said...

Peng: I missed you yesterday! Thanks for your comments. Just doing my part, whenever or wherever I can!


Patricia said...

Lita, like Peng says, thanks for the pictures - for those of us who couldn't be there.


Estrelita Soliano Grosse said...

Patricia: I am glad to be able to do what I can! My small grain of sand to help make the mighty land!


Anonymous said...

Unleash your magic, with random acts of kindness, and see strangers' faces light up.

- As good as it gets.

Estrelita Soliano Grosse said...

Anonymous 10:20

Thank you for dropping by. :)

Anonymous said...

You're welcome, Lita.

Remember the article that Antares wrote about Malek, the ISA victim, which kinda inspired you. (http://magickriver.blogspot.com/2008/10/release-detainees-abolish-isa-demolish.html)

He too was inspired to write about it after I posted it in his comment column.

Small world, isn't it.

Keep up the good work.


Anonymous 10:20