05 November 2008

President-Elect Barack Obama

Together with many other fans of Barack Obama, I rejoiced over his victory after a long hard fight for the finish line.
We celebrated by eating pizza at lunch time, in the office and watching the live CNN coverage on TV. In some way, we were mesmerized by the historic win and the fact that he did what he had set out to do 22 months ago.
My interest in Obama began only about 12 months ago when I read some sensible comments and statements made by him. That he won the democratic nomination after having been the underdog is a feat worth studying. His then opponent, the indomitable Hillary Clinton, a remarkable woman herself gave him a great run and a good training ground. The moment he beat her, I felt he would be able to take on McCain easily. I was right!
Today, someone told me that he had roots in Peru! Hmmmm, how did I miss that in this last year! Then with a bit more digging, I found out that it’s true in some way. It is not exactly Peru, South America but Peru, Chautauqua County, Kansas in the USA. I have to admit I was disappointed.
His win gives us hope that change can take place, if enough people are informed, awakened and moved to act in spite of the deeply rooted traditions that bind us. “We have to act in spite of fear… not because of it” –anonymous quote.
For this reason, we need to break out of our comfort zone and attend the candlelight vigils, which advocate the essence of freedom that we sometimes take for granted. Whether it is nearby or faraway, do make an effort to attend any one of the vigils being organised:
*Seremban: Friday, 7 November 2008, 8.00 pm -Dataran Seremban Park
*KL/PJ: Sunday, 9 November 2008, UPDATED: NOW 9.30 PM -Padang Timur, Opposite Amcorp Mall)
*Ipoh: Sunday, 9 November 2008, 8.00 pm -Taman Dr Seenivasagam
*Penang: Saturday, 15 November 2008, 8.00 pm - Esplanade
The experience will touch your life and change you in a very special way. Get your family together; make it an educational outing and use it as an excellent opportunity to inculcate the feeling of Malaysian unity.


Jarod said...

Yes we Can!

have you read his speech?> Inspiring!!!

Estrelita Soliano Grosse said...

Yes, I was able to watch him deliver his speech. It was a great speech, straight from his heart.

Yes, Malaysia boleh?


Anonymous said...


Love you lots cos you give publicity to ALL candle vigils.

God bless you for your fairness in giving newsworthy information.


Estrelita Soliano Grosse said...

masterwordsmith: Just doing what my conscience prompts me to do.

Thanks for your nice comment.