02 November 2008

Candlelight Vigil Take 4

It is a rainy Sunday evening, I pray for the clouds to clear but it does not. I worry that the turnout might be lower. I am so dead wrong!

The people came, with their umbrellas, their raincoats, sunshields held over heads (yep, now we know it is dual purpose), newspapers and their candles. Many came equipped to share everything: candles, holders, umbrellas, loudspeakers, flashlights, music etc. (special thanks to May for giving me a candle and holder when mine failed).
Everyone huddles as close as possible, despite the inconvenience of the open umbrellas. Everyone listens intently to Marina, Bernard, Haris and first-timers. Everyone is there in solidarity with the I.S.A. detainees. Everyone gathers there for the sole purpose of showing support for the abolishment of the I.S.A. Everyone smiles at each other. Everyone is looking out for one another, as we ought to do. Everyone is Malaysian, save for one lone Singaporean and another foreigner (regrettably I did not get his pic or name)
The lone ranger
Tonight was a heartening sight for tired souls. Tonight was an encouraging display of harmony. Tonight was an inspiring exhibition of ordinary people showing up for an extraordinary situation, although the rain could have been a great deterrent.

I am certain this is only the awakening. I think that my generation will get to see the end of the I.S.A. I hope I will not be dead wrong about it!
Share tonight with me through these few pictures taken:
The early birdsMore turn up :)Sea of umbrellas
More supporters/umbrellasEven more supporters/umbrellas

And finally, a kindred spirit. Those who took pictures, really had to perfect a balancing act between umbrella, candle and camera.


Jarod said...


Thank you for the wonderful post. i was not there, But even then, my heart still think of how it would be since its raining. I was thinking, will the meeting be cancel and the "you know who" will be laughing at all our effort. But Anak Bangsa Malaysia never say NO!

It also reminded me of the Dap Ceramah at PJ/subang jaya/penang/ipoh and various pakatan ceramah where thousand of people flock the area in spite of the rain! people stand still to beat the rain! the umbrella was all over ! I missed the scene where people roar for the speaker!

This spirit is what we are! The spirit of wanting justice to be done! Anak Bangsa Malaysia boleh!

Estrelita Soliano Grosse said...

Jarod: Hello to you again!

Thanks for your kind comment. You are right, the rain did not dampen our spirits. I think, at the back of our minds, it was showers of blessings!

Is your name really Jarod? :)

TC and God bless.

Jarod said...

hii.. yes, My nams is jarod. Btw, how should i address you?

of course not Estrelita Soliano Grosse right? :)


TheWhisperer said...

STE-EST did great. Both of you buried me easily with your show of support.

TheWhisperer said...

Well worded take.

"Tonight was a heartening sight for tired souls. Tonight was an encouraging display of harmony. Tonight was an inspiring exhibition of ordinary people showing up for an extraordinary situation, although the rain could have been a great deterrent".

Couldn't put it any better.

STE-EST humbled me. What a perfect combination! SALUTE! SALUTE! SALUTE!

Your Man have to attend this more often. Make him come to you..

Estrelita Soliano Grosse said...

Jarod: My son's name is Jared. :)

All my family and friends call me Lita. You can do the same. :)

Hope to meet you one day.

TC and God bless.

Estrelita Soliano Grosse said...

TheWhisperer: Always encouraging me with your kind words. I appreciate your support very much.

Estrelita Soliano Grosse said...

TheWhisperer: A second comment, I am truly blessed.

STE-EST salutes you back, my friend.


shanghaistephen said...

dear Lita,
ahhh.....shucks missed you again last night but by the time I arrived and asked Bernard if you had been there, he told me you had left earlier. I had since morning been at a futsal game so....I am sorry I was late. We did later go 'fishing' anyway till 3am. will make it a point next time. Take care !

shanghaistephen said...
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Estrelita Soliano Grosse said...

shanghaistephen: No worries, mate. There's always another vigil. With so many in the works, the likelihood of meeting up seems to be sure thing.

I'm looking forward to it.


Anonymous said...

Hi there Lita and Stephen,
Sorry didn't have a chance to meet up. Kudos! Stephen for literaly making a 'Stand' last night. You did great.The show will goes on regardles...Its nice to be Singing in the rain though.Never thought the dads and moms get to have some much fun as well.Have a great week ahead. 7th NOV?

Estrelita Soliano Grosse said...

rakyat@work: Stephen and I can't wait to meet up with you. Thanks for the visit here.

Catch up soon,okay.


Jarod said...

Oh, another Jared... haha! He is the forth Jared I know :)

tc Lita!