01 November 2008

Seremban & The First Lady of the Anti-Isa Sentiment

We just got back from the candlelight vigil in Seremban. Stephen and I rushed to join other like-minded Malaysians at the Dataran Seremban Park. The vigil started at 8.00 pm and we arrived a little after 8.30 pm, partly due to usual traffic woes and poor time management on our side. Nevertheless, the crowd was encouraging and the place was a great location for this gathering. We went to this first Seremban Anti-I.S.A. vigil to show our support and to help make the numbers. The efforts of Angela, Zorro, The Whisperer and others seem to have paid off. Many people like us ended their working week with a final hop, skip and jump to be a part of this night. Stephen arrived from Singapore late afternoon and after a quick snack, short freshening up, happily gave up his usual siesta just to be a part of it.

Now for the second part of my title re: the First Lady of this Anti-I.S.A. sentiment.

I would like to share my perspective of her. I probably don’t even need to mention her name. I am certain that it is easy to guess who I am writing about. However, for the uninformed, here is a picture for you.

I had seen her twice before, spoken briefly only once but tonight, I had the chance to hear directly what her mouth uttered and to listen to what her heart said. (at an after vigil get-together).

It’s impossible not to like her. She’s so down-to-earth, friendly and approachable. There are no airs about her. She doesn’t have any illusions of grandeur, having been thrust into the limelight these days. It’s incredible to note how she welcomes everyone with so much gratitude in her face. People stop in their tracks when they realize she’s present. She does not show tiredness and irritation as friends and strangers greet her throughout the vigil. People want to shake her hand, they want a picture taken with her, they want to say hello or just stand near her.

I watched her tonight as I did on the other two occasions; it struck me that she is very much like any First Lady displaying grace, charm, poise and energy. She holds her head up high. She pays attention to what people are saying. She doesn’t take for granted the support she receives.

As a woman, I admire her courage, loyalty and strength. Her quiet sense of duty to her husband, home and friends is truly extraordinary. I hope that her exemplary conduct in the face of adversity will inspire many other ordinary women like me to be better, to go further, to stand longer and to do more than what is expected of us. I salute you, Marina.

To share last night’s vigil with you, here are some pictures……

why we were there!ubiquitous Zorro
Stephen and MarinaListening attentivelySo much supportmen/women in black and white
a small family affair!
an entire family affair!
closing shop
clearing and cleaning upGood night and God bless!


TheWhisperer said...

Glad you made it there with your handsome hunk. Surprised but pleased to know that this passion has finally get into your bloodstream ;)

As for Marina, there is something special about this Lady. I managed to connect myself to her since May when Pete refused bail and spent a few days in Bamboo River. With her strength, she inspires me.

The endless ordeals that this family went through has indeed inspire and unite many of us out there. And that's the reason we have been going out there to throw our support behind her for their selfless sacrifices.

Nevertheless, it is quite heartening to see many staunch supporters out there doing the same. I guessed they must have felt the same too.

Great to be part of this Big Family. One cant really find this Special Spirit elsewhere.

Keep up with your good blogging and don't forget to help spread this spirit.

Your man is cool, Lita!!

Estrelita Soliano Grosse said...

TheWhisperer: Hey, you made my significant other half very happy. As always, your comment makes me happy too.

So glad for your support, it is what keeps me going.

We never really know what ripples we cause with what is said or done. You know that better than anybody else.

We think you are cool too!

zorro said...

Lita....ubiquitous? I am humbled. Could say the same about Stephen...coming into KL straight from his night shift in Singapore...missing his siesta and making it to Seremban. That is magnanimous. But there is always a special woman behind a certain type of man.

Thanks for being there.

Anonymous said...

All the candle lights and show of support in whatsoever forms will not force the Malaysian Government to remove the ISA as a Law in Malaysia.

Actions of no support of the Malaysian Government might perhaps help the government review their tools in using the ISA as a Law against its original intent. Such actions are:-

1) Remove all your cash in your bank accounts while maintaining it bearly active. This will shrink the money supply and create instant cash crunch in local money market. Therefore, the UMNO putra will not easily get credit from your deposit.

2) Put your cash somewhere else forcing a sell condition on the Malaysian Ringgit. This will drain our Foreign Reserve. This will prevent the UMNO putra to move Cash to whatsoever company they have interest to rescuse, such as the Valuecap case.

3) Move your telecommunication service to non UMNO service provider.

4) Use minimum electricity.

5) Sell all shares in the KLSE. This will force all the UMNO putra to top up the share allocations in those listed companies if they have borrowings. Since cash will be scared if you do 1 and 2 above, interest rates will rise.

6) Do not buy any property.

7) Spend wisely and avoid all UMNO related companies.

8) Cash is King.

7) Wait until the ISA is removed as a Law.

Can we do these simple actions now to secure RPK release?

Thank you

Anonymous said...

Hi Lita

Great pics but this oledi here but can I make a humble request dear sister? Please enlarge for my vision faileth me yet my heart wants to see what lovely pics hath you posted there for all to behold in glory ....:) Wish I could have been there...but I will see you soon in a couple of days and this time we MUST take a pic together ya?

A group of us from Penang will be driving down next Sunday for the vigil and also the trial after which we will be making our way back to Penang.

See you then Lita!


The Ancient Mariner said...

RPK and family need all our support so am glad you and hubby managed to make it.

I couldnt altho Seremban is my hometown, but maybe next time.

Estrelita Soliano Grosse said...

Zorro: The pleasure is all mine, kind Sir. :)

Estrelita Soliano Grosse said...

Anonymous: Thanks for the visit. :)

Estrelita Soliano Grosse said...

masterwordsmith: Hey there! Thanks for your suggestion. I am going to see if I can change this right now.

See you again. God bless.


Estrelita Soliano Grosse said...

The Ancient Mariner: RPK and family are truly blessed with such ardent and loyal fans like you.

God bless and thanks so much for your visit.


Anonymous said...

Hi Lita and your significant other half =(Perfect Oneness). Your perspective of Marina is right on! I could not find the right words to described her as you did. Beautiful written and in every sense of a word - Its the "TRUTH".

I must thanks you both for being such an inspiration too because whatever "ripple" that was created, its all in the name of unity, peace, and love. We truly are bless to have you both.

March on... No to ISA!!

Jarod said...

Hiii... great to see your posting! wow! Salute you! you go where ever there are Anti ISA vigil meeting. yup, first lady is really a strong person! really admired her..

Estrelita Soliano Grosse said...

Rakyat@work: I am honoured that you've visited my site. Thank you. I have admired your great work for a while now.

I am just glad to be able to do my bit for this cause. It's the least that I am doing compared to so many others.

Thanks for your kind comments.

Estrelita Soliano Grosse said...

jarod: I always look forward to your comments.

I could only go to Seremban because my beloved hubby could escort me. Otherwise, I don't dare drive alone.

God always provides opportunities!



Peter said...

Berita baik!!!!! Dari hari ini, Good news everyone. From now on, Majlis Perbandaran akan bertanggung-jawab kepada penghuni!!!!!

Good news everyone. From now on, town councils will be accountable to residents!!!!!

Estrelita Soliano Grosse said...

Peter: Thanks for your visit. As a pensioner, I hope you enjoy each new day with renewed energy and peace.