25 December 2008

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Sending our warmest wishes for Christmas
to our family and friends, wherever you may be!

May your homes be blessed abundantly with all good things!

Goodbye to 2008 and Hello to 2009.

May you and yours find peace, love and contentment
in every nook and corner of your lives!


de minimis said...


A Very Merry Christmas to you and all your loved ones. Keep on blogging. You are a shining light of conscience for the rest of us.

Estrelita Soliano Grosse said...

Thank you for the wishes! The same for you!

I'll do my best to keep on blogging. ;)

God bless! :)

TheWhisperer said...

Merry Christmas to all you lovely people there.

Estrelita Soliano Grosse said...

The Whisperer: Thanks Yang for the wishes. See you soon. :)

motherchell said...

Estrelita, this is to wish YOU and each and everyone the best for the New Year , keep good health and lots of joy. Give the family all the hugs you can!

Estrelita Soliano Grosse said...

motherchell: Thanks for your wishes and the same for you and yours! :)