14 December 2008

PJ Candlelight Vigil Take 10 - Newcomers and Bloggers Galore!

We've had ten vigils in Petaling Jaya! That in itself is an accomplishment! Yeah, we have a lot of the same faces, but that is a good thing. It only means that the passion has not dissipated. Yeah, we have a lot of people who have come only once and not ever again. It only means they think we can do the job without them. Yeah, we have a lot of new faces brought about by those reading blog posts and hearing about this at church, in the office, at the mamak stall or even in cyber chatting. It only means that there's a buzz about it. Tonight, there were loads of first-timers. It only means that when some can't make it, newcomers will fill their spaces!

But seriously, we miss those that haven't come again. We especially miss those that are still thinking about it. So I pray that next week (11th vigil) we will see more Malaysians! :)

These brave guys and gals took the opportunity to organise and share a bit of what the vigil means to them.

Cross-section of the people who came out tonight (bad weather, mind you!)

Just look at these happy people!

This lovely couple told me that their candle holder has been used since their 1st vigil. Candle wax upon candle wax! Just imagine that! It's like a trophy that I would be proud to have. Only I didn't think of it then!

As always, people come up with the most imaginative way to light their candles!
That's all folks! As some of you might know, my husband, Stephen is down from Singapore and was happy to join the vigil straight from KLIA! He said he was only supporting me, but don't you believe it. He supports freedom, truth and justice just as passionately as he is patiently waiting for me now.

Gotta go! ;)

Bloggers Galore here:
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The 10th PJ Vigil - San Jiun (Mandarin)
10th Candle light vigil - Shanghai Stephen
10th Vigil - Finally made it - The English Cottage
Let me know if I missed out any!!!


Jarod said...

Thanks for the Update Lita. cannot go today as I am away to be with my family. Well, more new faces turned up to replace the oldies? :) Good one! hope they will be inspire by the sharing! tc

Antares said...

What a darling you are, Lita! I don't feel "guilty" at all about not physically attending these vigils on a regular basis. Since you stated that reading one of my blogposts was what prompted you to stand up & light a candle for justice, I know your passion has ignited a thousand other flames! It would be so lovely to meet you & the other beautiful folk out there some fine Sunday night... but the logistics of my physical presence in PJ are quite daunting, so I do what I can on the inner planes to accelerate the arrival of a New Dawn...

Estrelita Soliano Grosse said...

Jarod: I'm glad you got to share the night via this blog. We missed you, can you tell? ;)

See you next week okay! :)

Estrelita Soliano Grosse said...

Antares: What a lovely way to start my day with a great compliment from you! Yep, don't feel guilty! By virtue of prompting me to get up and go out, I am there as your proxy. :)

When the stars are in the right position, I am sure we will meet up, either in PJ or in Magickriver.

See you soon! :)

Anonymous said...

10th vigil is an important milestone. We all know that the road to abolish ISA is long. But we will continue to fight. Attending vigil is a good way to show that we will never give up until ISA is abolished!

Patricia said...


Thank you for pinjam-ing the pix for my blog. Must have proof I drrrraged Chuan to one ;)

It was so cool to finally meet you.


Pat Lu said...

Hi there Lita! You are getting better and better with your posts! It's at Malaysia Today! http://mt.m2day.org/2008/content/view/16019/84/

BTW, am I that short? ;) Could you please email that to me? Great if you can host your lovely pics at Facebook too where people can tag themselves at your photos and it'll be in their friends' News Feed. Well, one more way of promoting the vigils. :D

My vigil photos on FB: http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=2014096&l=38dc9&id=1189343704

Much love and God bless!

TheWhisperer said...


Antares summed it all up.

Nothing left for me to say here. And you know very well I am so much at ease delegating this duty to a professional of your kind.


Anonymous said...

love your montages of pix.
Welldone, Madam.... & nice speech too =]

Estrelita Soliano Grosse said...

sanjiun: I agree with you. The road is long but we are on our way. Just have to keep our focus and stay strong as a group.

Patricia: The pleasure was all mine! It was great to meet you but my only complaint is that we didn't have enough time to chat. Must find time for just us okay! :)

Pat Lu: You are always so encouraging! Thank you!

Yes, I'll send you your pics shortly and I'll post some others on facebook too. That's a great idea. I'm busy today so I'll get to it soonest possible!

Much love and God bless you! :)

TheWhisperer: Yang, I do what I can and I am glad that it's appreciated. I'll do my best always. Yin!

You ah! :)

delcapo: Madam? What's with the Madam business? You ah! Just doing what you do too! If you call me Madam again, I just might call you Mr Capo! ;)

peng said...

You have great pictures to share of the vigil. I am missing attending it, cos I am back in Ipoh on weekends. Good to hear that new faces turned up despite the rain.

Estrelita Soliano Grosse said...

Peng: We've missed you and your special posts of the vigils that you attended.

Don't worry about being absent or present. Your belief in the cause is enough. :)

Anonymous said...

Wow Lita you have done a really great job! Great pics and those links too :) See you again this sunday.

Estrelita Soliano Grosse said...

kkitsam: Thanks for visiting. I like to help people read about the vigil so the links help them. It was your idea, remember. You mentioned it to me. I'm grateful for that.


Anonymous said...

thanks !! very helpful post!