22 December 2008

PJ Candlelight Vigil Take 11 - Dedicated to Syukree

Tonight's vigil was dedicated to Syukree Hussain. Some took the opportunity to say a few words about him. It was a strange feeling to be witness to a sense of having lost a friend. I didn't know him. I didn't have to. Just hearing what was said about him told me that he was "special". He stood up for what he believed in and he lived his life as he wanted to. Not many of us can attest to doing that - not 100% - at least not in the way that Syukree did! In that sense, Syukree was true to himself and I don't really feel sad that he died so young. He lived a full life and made every second of his 28 years count! He will be remembered. He left his mark on this earth. He will be the benchmark by which we next judge strangers. Wherever you are now, Syukree, may you know eternal peace!

We had the usual agenda. Richard started the night rolling. He's doing a great job of getting the permits done before each Sunday. Good on you, Richard!

Sharing from the regulars, visitors to PJ and, of course, Raja Petra made the night very interesting.

The usual suspects are some of my favourite people!

Everyone is relaxed!

I'm never disappointed each Sunday when I see how innovative the people are with their candles. Always able to make such a pretty collage of them. Each week is a new set and I never repeat the pictures.

Turning our backs on the I.S.A.
(bit of sbotting too!)

Apart from the usual Selangor Anthem and the Negaraku, we also sang "O Holy Night", led by Pastor Sivin Kit on guitar with a ready-made choir to join him. It was just lovely!!!!

That's all folks. I got home very late as I joined up with other kindred spirits for a drink and also to take advantage of the opportunity to wish (after midnight) The Whisperer for his birthday! Hence, the late posting!


svllee said...

Hi Estrelita , just popping by to say hello and thanks for the pictures from the vigils. Wish I could be there to meet you all. I dropped by on the 8th one when I was in KL

TheWhisperer said...

The eulogy was indeed touching. Made my hair stood on ends and emotion overwhelmed me throughout the one-minute silence. I was not alone.

You ah.. Exposing my birthday at 12 sharp and put me through the embarrassment. Don't really know where to hide my face.

Nice pics and wonderful write up again, Yin.

Jarod said...

I was singing O HOLY NIGHT with carolers at houses in Puchong. Great to read it. At least i know I am not missing out :)

Take care and merry Christmas!

Pat said...

Thanks for the pix, Lita. Makes me feel like I was there :)


Sivin Kit said...

Thanks for the pictures and collage of a string of other ones.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lita,
The best picture by far and its appropriately captured the story of Anak Malaysia. How can the rest of people not understand what's the Vigil all about, I wonder.
Thanks goodness there are plenty more bros and sis who cares.
Take Care.
Blessed Christmas to you and all at home.

The Ancient Mariner said...

Dear Estrelita

Merry Xmas to you and yours and have a great new year!

Take care.

SFGEMS said...

svllee: Thanks for popping by! Glad you liked the pictures. Hope to see you one day when you are next in KL! ;)

The Whisperer: Yeah, it was something wasn't it? Glad you like the post! :) Yin

Jarod: You are not missing out but we miss you. Come back soon. :)

Patricia: So glad you enjoyed the pics!

SivinKit: Thanks for popping by!

Rakyat@Work: Blessed greetings for you too! See you on Sunday! ;)

The Ancient Mariner: How nice of you to visit and to send wishes for Christmas and New Year. Appreciate it very much! Happy New Year to you and your family too!